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Count Monday May 28, 2008

Posted by Brian Schar in Patent prosecution, USPTO.

I am a believer in interviewing cases in person at the Patent Office.  I like to assemble somewhere between 5-7 cases and interview them all on one day, typically a Monday.  That way, I get to travel on Saturday, stay overnight to get the cheap airfare (more important than ever these days), do a little sightseeing on Sunday, get a good night’s sleep and interview cases on Monday.  I’ve been doing this for years.  In attempting to set up a set of interviews for a Monday in June, I have run into something called “Count Monday.”  This is not a William Gibson novel, but instead a biweekly date on which the Examiners have to make a count quota.  So, if you are planning to set up Monday interviews with a group of Examiners, make sure you actually reach one of them first and confirm that the Monday is actually not Count Monday, instead of leaving messages with 5 different Examiners asking for an interview on a day when that’s really not going to happen.

If this is a new “innovation,” I can’t imagine that the Examiners or the union are very happy about it, and I can’t say I would blame them.  I’ll ask when I get there, and report back.


1. Scott E. Kamholz - July 1, 2009

When an Examiner mentioned “Count Monday” to me, I thought she was referring to a character in Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood of Make Believe– remember King Friday, Queen Sarah Saturday, and Prince Tuesday?

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