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Bad legal marketing April 6, 2009

Posted by Brian Schar in Patent prosecution.

I am a member of the Association of Corporate Counsel, and I highly recommend that any in-house attorney join the organization.  Yearly dues pay for themselves with access to the Virtual Library and with copious amounts of live, free CLE, among other benefits.  Usually the CLE is presented by a law firm, and most of the time I have found the subject matter relevant and the presentations interesting.

In the Silicon Valley area, we have a CLE session coming up from Dechert called “Maintaining a Solid Financial Foundation: Raising Cash and Reining in the Spendthrift Child.”  The promotional material from the email sent out to promote this includes some verbiage not present on the web site, including “Managing the IP Spend [sic].” “IP Spend” is directed to patent prosecution, not litigation. So the titular “spendthrift child” of the presentation is a corporate patent prosecution counsel like myself. It’s bad enough to call us “spendthrift,” particularly when most of us in the trenches at small and mid-size companies are doing yeoman’s work on a tight budget and have been for years. But the added insult of calling us “children” is out of line.

Ticking off potential clients is the opposite of what the presenters had in mind. But that’s what happens when you call people names in the title of your presentation. Someone should put that in a beginner’s guide to Power Point.


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