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Ipendo and IDS management May 26, 2010

Posted by Brian Schar in General.

I spoke with a sales rep from Ipendo last week, who informed me that an IDS management module should be available for that system by the end of the summer.  I am definitely interested in seeing a demo of that module.  Right now, FoundationIP is the only game in town for managing IDS references, ensuring that they flow between related applications, and automatically docketing supplemental IDSs.  The competition will be good for patent practitioners, and even for FoundationIP itself.


1. Ian Reid - June 1, 2010


Anaqua has just released a new version of ANAQUA with a new IDS module. Let me know if you want to learn more.

Ian Reid, Anaqua

2. Shawn Pilkington - June 8, 2010

Decipher Innovation from Innovation Asset Group has a proven and time tested IDS module that has been in the field for years. It is highly flexible and easily configured to accommodate a company’s unique IDS workflow. And for companies that are cost-conscious, their competitive pricing is not to be beat.

for more information contact Shawn Pilkington, Innovation Asset Group

3. Brenda L. Thom - November 12, 2010

Hi Brian – Just stumbled across this post. Have you heard anymore about this IDS management module Ipendo is offering? I tried to check their website, but didn’t see anything specific. Would love to find something less expensive that rivals FoundationIP…

P.S. Just stumbled across your blog and think it’s great. It’s great to see the passion and dedication to patent law!

Brian Schar - November 14, 2010

I had a demo of Ipendo a few months ago; the IDS functionality is supposed to be up by now. Unfortunately, the pricing was going to be slightly higher than FIP. I have heard that Anaqua is supposed to be releasing a docketing system with IDS management capability, but I haven’t looked into that yet.

I’m glad you like the blog!

Chris Brady - August 25, 2011

Hi Brenda. We meet once again. My company is looking into other systems besides our current FIP. I like it but is seems to need updating. We are looking into Anaqua. Any word on that?

4. shawn pilkington - August 30, 2011

I would encourage all to investigate Decipher by Innovation Asset Group. This time tested and customer focused IDS module is being used by Fortune 100 clients to pre-revenue startups. And their customers love them!


for more information contact Shawn Pilkington, Innovation Asset Group

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