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Patents in North Korea June 4, 2010

Posted by Brian Schar in General.

I can’t even imagine why anyone would want to enter the national phase in North Korea. I also can’t wrap my head around the idea of a state-owned law firm representing the applicant in front of the state patent office. However, if you need local counsel in Pyongyang, and thereby relish the thought of the FBI paying you a visit, you apparently (and surprisingly) have several options.



1. Qun Sim - August 10, 2012

N Korea claims to have a patent system in the form of ‘inventor’s certificates’ (like the former Soviet system. The philosophy of patents is that an inventor makes public disclosure of the invention (instead of keeping it a trade secret)and in exchange gets a limited duration of economic exclusivity over the invention. N. Korea has no / zero publications of any inventor certificates. So there is no patent system.

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