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BPAI daily decisions March 3, 2011

Posted by Brian Schar in Patent prosecution, USPTO.

As an in-house attorney at a small company, most of the applications I handle are in a handful of art units in a single technology center.  As a result, I am always interested in BPAI opinions, precedential or not, in that technology center, particularly where one of the Examiners handling one of my company’s applications is involved.  The BPAI website itself gives you a list of the day’s opinions, but there can be a lot to wade through before finding one that may be of interest.

Enter James Long of Taiwan, whose blog lists the day’s opinions, organized by TC, with the Examiner’s name and the appelant’s attorney’s firm name listed.  You can quickly see which, if any, of the opinions may be useful to read.  He even provides useful snippets from some opinions in a summary. 

I have started to read that blog every morning to get an idea of what arguments are winners in the TC that handles our applications, and what arguments don’t fly.  I would recommend you add this to your daily routine as well.  Thank you, James!


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