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FoundationIP gets even worse March 6, 2012

Posted by Brian Schar in General.

The latest revision of FIP pushed out to users is awful.  It may fix issues on the back end, but it’s slow and adds even more kludgey bits.  For example, in order to docket an Examiner’s Answer to trigger a reply brief used to be a simple activity – enter date, reply brief triggered, no problem.  Now, you have to enter dates in two separate places, one of them being a completely nonintuitive data collection page that acts in a different way than every other FIP activity.  I would have no way to know this but for calling customer support.

The best way to solve this problem is to stop doing paralegal work and get someone else to do this for me.  That is high on my to do list.  From the Pareto standpoint alone, it makes no sense to spend 30 minutes on a task (including time trying to reach a support guy and time on the phone with him) that a trained specialist on this thing could do in 30 seconds.  The longer term way to solve this problem is to jettison FoundationIP as soon as I have the time/money to do a conversion to a different system. 

I was sad to see that Ipendo appears to have been acquired by the CPA Global octopus.  If that’s the case, I am scratching them off my list of potential docketing system vendors.


1. mike - June 13, 2012

What other good/bad docketing vendors are there? IPManager(NOT!), what else do you recommend?

2. Lenny - March 26, 2013

Hi Brian — we’ve been using FoundationIP for several years. It is far from perfect and we have had our share of problems, but I think they are going in a good direction overall. Yes, their quality review and testing leaves a lot to be desired (we have had to deal with, and reported, numerous bugs). However, they are having a new release in July (I’m told) with features that should make a huge difference to us. And they are working diligently to fix the bugs we have found, so over time, we expect it to get nothing but better. Also, we’ve looked around and there’s no such thing as the perfect patent docketing system. All of them will promise the moon, but none deliver, once you actually try to use them for basic tasks.

billing@hilteci.com - March 26, 2013

Hi Lenny – I’ve seen a system in private beta called ShareFuse. They actually focus on the collaborative development of patents (especially for international patent families), but they also have a full docketing system built into their workflows. I found a presentation they made where they said their software could be used for docketing only if clients have no need for collaboration and storage. I don’t know much more than that, but the nice thing about their private beta is that apparently they will customize their software for each client to best fit whatever the unique needs are, and perhaps most importantly, they’re able to run in complete parallel to an existing system so clients don’t have to make a change until they’re certain of reliability. It’s tough to find this kind of stuff – let me know if you find something, and good luck!

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